Second arena umbrella theme: Transport and Mobility

During this second edition, the main focus will be Transport and Mobility which covers a wide range of possible sub-topics for the challenges to be developed such as:

1. Autonomous Driving and Smart Mobility. Create Methods for Multi-Sensors based Road Scene Analysis.

2. Artificial intelligence to mobility and transport prediction

3. Artificial Intelligence for Logistics Management

4. Urban transport in post covid era

5. Zero-emission public transportation

6. Smart design of optimal and reliable systems

7. Shareconomy in logistics (uberization of trucking, car sharing, crowdsourced logistics, platform, etc.).

8. Fully integrated multi-modal mobility options with transportation delay predictions and mobility apps from public administrations

9. Electric vehicles

10. Better use of travel card data for optimization

11. Sharing and utilization of real-time data in supply chains

12. Development and evaluation of integrated concepts in mobility and land use planning

13. Digitalisation of urban transport (shared mobility, mobility as a service), and its societal impacts

14. Walkability and emotions in urban environments

15. Bikeability – from car-dependency to soft mobility

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